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Detect breaches in real time and protect your business from costly data loss.


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Stolen passwords account for 90% of all data breaches.

Get notifications instantly when you or your employees credentials are compromised.


Billions of individual records of personal and corporate data breaches from around the globe.

Take advantage of the world's largest database of compromised credentials.

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Know Where a data breach originated from, and When it occured.


Search individual users or entire domains with our easy to use search enigine. Have actionable information within minutes.


Learn exactly what pieces of information were leaked or compromised. Protect your employee and customer information.


Know how to protect against stolen credentials and remediate compromised information leaks.

Facing the Figures

3 Billion

Password / credentials stolen last year alone


of U.S. adults have been a victim of data theft


average cost of a single stolen record last year


average reduction in damages if caught early

"There are only two types of companies;
Those that have been hacked and those who will be."

-Robert mueller, Former FBI Director

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